Vinte currently has a dividend payment policy of between 0% and 50% of the Net Profit of the previous year, based on the operating results, financial situation, cash needs, future projects and tax obligations of the Company, as well as the terms, conditions and limitations that regulate its debt and the other factors that the Board of Directors and the shareholders deem convenient.

In accordance with the provisions of the Ley General de Sociedades Mercantiles (General Law of Mercantile Corporations), the Company may only distribute retained earnings after the corresponding financial statements have been duly approved by the Shareholders' Meeting. Additionally, the Company may not distribute profits until losses from previous years have been reinstated, if applicable, or the capital stock has been reduced.

The declaration and payment of dividends, as well as the amount thereof, must be approved by the majority of the shareholders present at a General Shareholders' Meeting. The declaration of dividends is generally based on the recommendation by the Board of Directors, although the law does not require such recommendation.

Below is the history of dividends paid by the Company:

Date Historical Pesos per ShareHistorical Pesos per Share Adjusted by Split
October 4, 20220.370.37
July 11, 20220.370.37
October 28, 20210.460.46
July 5, 20210.230.23
May 10, 20210.230.23
February 3, 20210.460.46
May 10, 20191.141.14
May 3, 20181.121.12
July 7, 20170.440.44
May 8, 20170.440.44
September 23, 20161.790.45
April 8, 20161.790.45
September 1, 20151.710.43
June 19, 20150.850.21
April 1, 20150.850.21
December 15, 20140.640.16
April 14, 20140.500.13
December 13, 20130.420.10
June 3, 20130.360.09
June 1, 20120.280.07
June 30, 2011 0.180.05
April 30, 20100.160.04
April 23, 2009 0.100.03