Vinte is composed of six subsidiaries: Promotora, Urbanizaciones, Vinte Administración, EIC, Conectha and Emobel, in which it currently holds a stake of 99.99%. A general description of the main activities of Vinte’s subsidiaries is provided below:

Fideicomiso Irrevocable de Actividades Empresariales No.  CIB/2185 (Fideicomiso Desarrollo OV).

Vinte’s stake in its subsidiaries and their associates, as well as a detailed description of their activities, are presented in the following table:

SubsidiaryStakeBusiness Type
Promotora99.99%Land bank acquisition, subcontracting construction services for subsidiaries and third parties, subscribes 100% of the group's total financial debt, development, marketing, and home sales.
Urbanizaciones99.99%Architectural and urban design, master plans and innovation in housing, land bank acquisition; in the future, with the possibility of development, marketing and home titling, subcontracting construction services for affiliates and third parties.
Vinte Administración99.99%Administrative services.
EIC99.99%Construction services.
Conectha99.99%Research and development, as well as some home products and services.
Emobel99.99%Marketing of hardware, software, internet, communication services, technology, furniture and appliances.
Fideicomiso Desarrollo OV150.00%
(joint venture)
Trust Agreement for business activities between Vinte and OHL Desarrollos that will serve as a vehicle for the development of approximately 3,600 homes over five years in the Ciudad Mayakoba project located in Playa del Carmen, Q. Roo.
(1) In 2014, Vinte entered into a strategic alliance by signing a co-investment agreement with OHL Desarrollos for the construction of approximately 3,600 homes over five years, in the project named Ciudad Mayakoba, in Playa del Carmen, Q. Roo. For this purpose, Vinte and OHL Desarrollos established the Trust for business activities No.CIB/2185 (Fideicomiso Desarrollo OV) which serves as a vehicle for the execution of said real estate project; each party holds 50% of the trust rights. Vinte’s investment in such development will amount to Ps.60 million.