About Us

Vinte Viviendas Integrales (“Vinte”) is a Mexican vertically integrated sustainable land developer and homebuilder focused on profitability. It operates throughout the entire housing industry value chain, from land acquisition, conducting feasibility analyses, obtaining permits and licenses, urbanization, design, construction, home commercialization, as well as the promotion of life in community.

With over 19 years in operation, Vinte develops sustainable housing projects under an integral communities concept that offers its residents a higher quality of life. Infrastructure, roads, educational facilities, shopping centers, and recreational areas are strategically distributed and harmoniously integrated within the existing urban fabric, while also providing connectivity services, sustainable housing technology, and community development. Additionally, Vinte has had a focus on innovation from the start and has been implementing a digital/Proptech strategy since 2017.

The Company’s business model is based on diversification by geography, product type, socioeconomic segment, and mortgage source, to achieve flexibility and dynamically adapt to the market environment, reducing the volatility of its revenue and minimizing industry risks.


Our Mission

At Vinte we strive for all to experience life the way it should be, where people care for each other and for the environment, allowing them to reach their maximum potential.


Our Values

Vinte is synonymous with innovation, belonging, passion and transcendence - values that have inspired the Company's actions and have been shared throughout the organization, since its inception in 2001.


Our Growth Drivers

Our strategy is supported by unique competitive advantages that have allowed us to achieve profitable and sustainable growth and ensure long-term success, irrespective of the economic environment.