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Vinte Viviendas Integrales, S.A.B. de C.V. (Vinte) is a vertically integrated company that belongs to a new generation of Mexican home builders, which for over 13 years has been dedicated to generating incremental and sustainable shared value for its shareholders, clients, associates, employees and other stakeholders. This has been possible thanks to the creation and offering of integral communities with high added value in the Affordable Entry-Level, Middle-Income, and Residential segments through a differentiated, flexible and sustainable business model focused on maximizing profitability.

What are integral communities?

The integral communities are the materialization of Vinte's commitment, passion and dedication to deliver homes that allow their clients to enjoy a better quality of life and achieve their maximum potential as individuals. Each home developed by Vinte, besides incorporating state-of-the-art technology and maximum compliance with quality standards, is distinguished by its after-sales services focused on the promotion and development of life in community. The foregoing elements, altogether, are key differentiators that have allowed the Company to successfully expand into new markets and achieve a high brand recognition throughout the regions where it operates, as well as to fix average home sale prices above those of the sector.

In which states does Vinte operate?

Vinte currently operates in the State of Mexico, Querétaro, Hidalgo, Quintana Roo, Puebla and Nuevo León. These markets were selected for their high economic and demographic growth potential, in addition to their resilience to adverse environments. The Company may expand its operations to other markets if they pose a strategic opportunity to strengthen the business in terms of profitability or diversification.

What is Vinte’s organizational structure?

Vinte is composed of six subsidiaries through which the Company operates throughout the value chain of the housing sector, and holds a stake of 99.99%: Promotora, Urbanizaciones, Vinte Administración, EIC, Conectha and Emobel. For further information about the specific activities of Vinte’s subsidiaries, please consult the following link:
Corporate structure

When and how was Vinte founded?

Vinte was established and commenced operations in 2001 through the hard work and combined efforts of a multidisciplinary team of professionals widely experienced in the development and marketing of housing, with the purpose of offering a new class of innovative homes to Mexican families so they may enjoy “a life as life should be.”

Who are the key executives of Vinte and what are their responsibilities?

Information about Vinte’s management team and their main functions is available at the following link: 

Where can I find information about Vinte’s environmental and social responsibility policies?

Vinte is convinced that the preservation of the environment and the development of the people who are part of the communities where it operates are of critical importance to achieve a shared and inclusive growth, which guarantees the continuity of the business in the long term. Please visit this link to learn more about Vinte’s social and environmental policies:
Corporate policies on environmental and social matters


Stock information

Where is Vinte’s stock traded?

Vinte’s stock is traded on the Bolsa Mexicana de Valores (BMV), since 2016, under the ticker symbol “VINTE.”

What are the main features of Vinte’s stock?

Vinte’s stock is denominated in Mexican pesos, ordinary, nominative, has no par value, belong to a single series and can be issued in favor of, subscribed and paid by Mexican and Foreign investors. Each share of the Company entitles its holder to the same patrimonial and voting rights, among others.

Where can I find Vinte’s current stock quote?

Vinte’s current and historical stock quote, as well as other trading information of Vinte’s stock, can be found in the following link:
Stock quote

Does Vinte have a stock buyback program?

Vinte has a stock buyback program whose maximum for each fiscal year may not exceed the Company’s net income, including retained earnings from previous fiscal years.

Does Vinte pay dividends?

Yes. You can find detailed information on Vinte’s payment of dividends in the following link: 

Which institutions follow Vinte’s stock?

Vinte is currently covered by UBS, Actinver and Citigroup. Please see: 
Analyst coverage

Where can I see or receive calls for Vinte’s Shareholders’ Meetings?

The calls for Shareholders’ Meetings are published in the Sistema Electrónico de Publicaciones de Sociedades Mercantiles (also known as PSM by its acronym in Spanish), or, if applicable, in the Diario Oficial de la Federación (Official Gazette of the Federaration), the official newspaper in the current location of the Company’s headquarters, or in the most widely circulated newspaper in Mexico.

What are Vinte’s outstanding debt instruments?

Currently, Vinte only has one outstanding bond (CEBUR) in the Bolsa Mexicana de Valores, under the ticker-symbol “VINTE-14”.

Where can I see Vinte’s key performance and financial indicators?

Vinte’s fundamentals can be consulted in this link: 

Where can I find Vinte’s annual report?

Vinte’s annual reports are available here:
Annual reports

If you require a printed version, please contact the Investor Relations team.

Where can I find Vinte’s quarterly reports?

Vinte’s Quarterly Reports are available here, along with the respective format filed with the Bolsa Mexicana de Valores:
Quarterly reports

Where can I find Vinte’s latest results presentations and conference calls?

Vinte’s latest results presentations and conference calls are available in the following link:
Quarterly reports


Contact information

How can I contact Vinte’s Investor Relations Department?

Vinte’s Investor Relations team would be more than pleased to assist you through the following means:

Offices: Paseo de la Reforma 350, 11th Floor, Colonia Juárez, C.P. 06600, Mexico City.
Telephone: +52 (55) 9171-1528