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25/10/21Vinte publica resultados del tercer trimestre de 2021
13/10/213Q21 Conference Call Invitation
13/07/212Q21 Conference Call Invitation
22/07/20Vinte publishes results for the second quarter of 2020
14/07/202Q20 Conference Call Invitation
27/04/201Q20 Conference Call Invitation
21/10/19Vinte increases its participation in Jardines de Ciudad Mayakoba
10/10/193Q19 Conference Call Invitation
11/07/192Q19 Conference Call Invitation
05/07/19Vinte completes the exchange of temporary stock certificates for certificates in definite form covering all its shares including the recently subscribed ones  Download (Spanish Only)
19/06/19Vinte announces the results of the Pre-emptive Subscription and approval of an additional investment from the French Development Financial Institution
05/06/19Vinte announces the issuance of two Sustainability Bonds
31/05/19Vinte announces the publication of its 2018 Sustainability Annual Report
30/05/19S&P Global Ratings affirms Vinte's global and national scale ratings with a stable outlook
24/05/19Rights Issue
22/05/19Refiling of Vinte's 2018 Annual Report (XBRL format)
07/05/19Verum assigned rating of 'A+/M' to Inmobiliaria Vinte's issuances ('VINTE 19X' and 'VINTE19-2X')  Download (Spanish Only)
07/05/19Verum ratified rating of 'A+/M' to Inmobiliaria Vinte  Download (Spanish Only)
30/04/19HR Ratings assigned rating of "HR A+" with stable outlook to Vinte 19X and Vinte 19-2x issuances  Download (Spanish Only)
30/04/19Vinte's Annual General Meeting approves Ps. 200 million share buyback program
12/04/19Vinte Reports First Quarter 2019 Results
10/04/19Vinte received a letter of intent for a subscription of shares for up to US$ 20 million from a European development financial institution
08/04/19IQ19 Conference Call Invitation
26/02/19Vinte reports a 15.7% growth in net income, an 18.8% ROE and 100% utilization of net proceeds from its Green Bond as of December 31, 2018
07/02/194Q18 Conference Call Invitation
04/01/19Vinte renews market maker services contract with Casa de Bolsa Santander, S.A. de C.V.  Download (Spanish Only)
27/12/18HR Ratings ratified the rating of HR AA+ with Stable Outlook for VINTE 18X  Download (Spanish Only)
27/12/18HR Ratings ratified the rating of HR A+ with Stable Outlook for VINTE VINTE 17 and VINTE 17-2  Download (Spanish Only)
27/12/18HR Ratings ratified the rating of HR A+ with Stable Outlook for VINTE  Download (Spanish Only)
27/12/18HR Ratings ratified the long-term rating on global scale rating of HR BBB+ (G) with Stable Outlook for the Sustainable Bond VINTE 18X of VINTE
27/12/18HR Ratings ratified the long-term rating on global scale rating of HR BB+ (G) with Stable Outlook for VINTE
19/12/18Vinte announces its 2019 Guidance  Download (Spanish Only)
07/11/18Ratification of Deloitte as Vinte’s Independent External Auditor
22/10/18Vinte reports growth of 21.5% in EBITDA and 28.6% in net income during 3Q18
12/10/183Q18 Conference Call Invitation
03/10/18HR Ratings assigned a sustainability rating of "HR XB 1+" to the Vinte 18X issuance
03/10/18Vinte announces the appointment of the new head of the Corporate Legal Area
29/08/18Vinte announces the issuance of the first Sustainable Bond by a housing company in Latin America for $800 million pesos
07/08/18Vinte Viviendas Integrales, S.A.B. de C.V. Assigned 'BB' Issuer Credit Rating; Outlook Stable
07/08/18Refiling of Vinte's 2017 Annual Report (XBRL format)
25/07/18Vinte announces the capitalization of an inter-company payable account
24/07/18Vinte reports growth of 20.6% in net income and 20.5% in EBITDA during 2Q18 with a ROE of 19.4%
20/07/182Q18 Conference Call Invitation
29/06/18Vinte signs a market maker services contract with Casa de Bolsa Santander, S.A. de C.V.
09/05/18S&P Global Ratings upgrades Vinte's rating from 'mxA-• to 'rnxA with stable outlook
24/04/18Vinte reports an EBITDA of Ps.145 million (+6.8%) and a Net Profit growth of 8.9% in IQ18
17/04/18IQ18 Conference Call Invitation
21/02/18Vinte meets its 2017 Guidance and reports a 33.4% growth in EBITDA and 42.5% growth in Net Profit in 4Q17
19/02/184Q17 Conference Call Invitation
25/01/18Vinte announces estimated investment during 2018
23/01/18Vinte announces its 2019 Guidance
26/12/17Vinte announces the confirmation of the total prepayment of the 'VINTE 14' stock certificates
15/12/17Vinte announces the total early amortization of the 'VINTE 14' stock certificates
27/10/17Vinte reports EBITDA growth of 12.7% and Net Profit of Ps.100 million (+ 12.5%) in 3Q17
12/10/173Q17 Conference Call Invitation
31/08/17Vinte reports on certain changes in members of its social bodies and others
24/07/172Q17 Results of Vinte in line with its Business Plan
17/07/172Q17 Conference Call Invitation  Download (Spanish Only)
07/07/17Vinte announces the appointment of a new Corporate Legal Officer
28/06/17Vinte issues Ps. 500 million of stock certificates in the BMV
10/04/17IQ17 Conference Call Invitation  Download (Spanish Only)
27/02/17Vinte reports a 14.0% growth in Net Income and EBITDA of Ps.627 million in 2016
08/02/174Q16 Conference Call Invitation  Download (Spanish Only)
21/12/16Vinte informs the investing public about unusual movements in the trading of the shares representing Vinte's capital stock
07/12/16Vinte informs the investing public about the operation of its Stock Buyback program
16/11/16Vinte subscribes a revolving credit line for up to $300 million pesos with ICC of the Inter-American Development Bank
03/11/16Vinte consolidates long-term financing
28/10/16Vinte announces the exercise of the greenshoe option by the underwriters
28/10/16Vinte subscribes a revolving credit line for $350 million pesos with the IFC of the World Bank
24/10/16Vinte announces results for the third quarter 2016
24/10/16Vinte's net income grows 21%
05/10/16HR Ratings upgrades Vinte's credit rating
04/10/16Vinte announces the successful completion of its Global Mixed Public Offering on the Bolsa Mexicana de Valores
29/09/16Historical issuance of Vinte on the Bolsa Mexicana de Valores
26/09/16Microsoft recognizes Inmobiliaria Vinte  Read more
12/09/16Retransmission of Financial Information corresponding to the Second Quarter of 2016 following an update to Appendix [800007] of Derivative Financial Instruments
29/07/16Relevant Event
02/05/16Vinte signs an agreement with Infonavit to boost housing for disabled beneficiaries  Read more
25/04/16Vinte does more with less  Read more
10/03/16World Bank invests in sustainable housing in the State of Mexico  Read more
13/01/16Vinte informs and clarifies its growth plans
11/01/16Sam Zell's Equity International invests 25 million dollars in Vinte  Read more
08/01/16Vinte agrees with Equity International the issuance of obligations partially convertible into shares for $ 25 million dollars
29/12/15Relevant Event
08/09/15Relevant Event
31/08/15Relevant Event
23/02/15Vinte's revenue grow 22.6% in 2014  Read more
17/02/15Vinte accesses financing from international development banks
17/02/15International Development Banks reaffirm their partnership with Vinte  Read more
09/02/15Standard & Poor's upgraded Vinte's corporate rating from mxBBB+ to mxA-  Read more
03/02/15Preliminary Results 2014
18/12/14Vinte announces the completion of a Joint Venture agreement with OHL
06/11/14Vinte receives the "Most Innovative CFOs of Mexico 2014" award  Read more
06/03/14Vinte wins two National Housing Awards 2013 in Tecamac and Querétaro  Read more
24/12/13Notification on the resolutions unanimously adopted by the shareholders
23/09/13Notification on the subscription and payment of shares representing Vinte's capital stock
18/09/13Vinte innovates in sustainable housing by participating in the Ecocasa program  Read more
13/09/13Notification on the resolutions unanimously adopted by the shareholders
17/04/13Notification on the resolutions unanimously adopted by the shareholders  Download (Spanish Only)
07/11/12Vinte issues 200 million pesos in stock certificates  Read more
04/07/12Retransmission of quarterly financial information corresponding to the First Quarter of 2012 following an update to the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Implementation Report  Download (Spanish Only)
27/06/12Retransmission of quarterly financial information corresponding to the First Quarter of 2012 following an update to the Report on Derivative Financial Instruments  Download (Spanish Only)
20/05/12G20 Challenge awards Vinte for its business model  Read more
03/05/12Sustainable Finance Awards 2012  Read more
11/04/12World Bank supports Vinte's issuance of local notes  Read more
06/12/11Hombres y Mujeres de la Casa 2011 award  Read more
09/05/11Vinte receives the 2011 International Trophy for Construction (New Millennium Award)  Read more
01/12/10Entrepreneur of the Year 2010  Read more
21/07/10Digital homes, low-priced housing  Read more