Analysis, testing, development, and implementation of new technologies, materials, and building systems that improve sustainability and quality of life.

Over time, Vinte has distinguished itself as a pioneer in digital housing, integrated communities, urban design, and now, net-zero energy homes. For this reason, Vinte has received eight National Housing Awards and numerous international recognitions for its business model during ten years of operations.

Not surprisingly, years after introducing the construction of digital housing into the market, and continuing its evolution with hybrid homes, Vinte makes substantial investments in research and development of housing technologies that enhance the living standards of its inhabitants.

The vision and commitment that has characterized Vinte since its inception earned it the recognition of the World Bank, which, for the first time in its world history, decided to invest in a housing developer in 2008.

The new model for affordable entry-level homes should have added-value. That's why our digital housing developments include internet access, security systems and energy-saving technology.

Thanks to this development model, focused on sustainability and technology, Grupo Vinte has managed to breakthrough in the affordable entry-level segment, one of the fastest-growing segments in the country.

Vintelligence is based on a multidisciplinary structure of planning, analysis and implementation of new technologies, energy efficiency, public policy and sustainability.