Product Sustainability

Composed of 12 principles which advocate for a new design of Vinte Communities, based on the UN’s Habitat/ODS international guidelines, the national policy on climate change.

Land reserves with outstanding attributes, converted into sustainable communities.
Self-sufficient mini-cities with their own economic hub.
Sustainable solutions and urban eco-technologies for the planet and people.
The best urban sites are located in high-density areas with a mix of quality buildings and public spaces.
60% of people prefer to live in mixed-use neighborhoods.
The confined space - open space combination to create successful areas of social and economic activity.
Urban facades increase the perceived value of the site by 19%.
Green areas are associated with physical and mental well-being.
In public spaces, where people sit matters.
A smart urban mobility system gives pedestrians priority over automobiles.
Adequate educational, sports, and recreational facilities with stores and services.
Virtual and co-working offices within walking or cycling distance of housing units.

Housing Energy-Efficient Technologies

The incorporation of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy measures in residential buildings reduces electricity consumption, the dependence on fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions.

This generates economic benefits for our customers, positively contributing to the preservation of the atmosphere.


The photovoltaic system is used to generate electricity from solar radiation. All systems delivered are interconnected to CFE’s grid, therefore, they have an interconnection contract and a bidirectional measuring system authorized by CFE.


The telemetry equipment allows real-time measurement of electricity, gas, and water consumption (stationary tank and natural gas only).


The energy efficiency label is based on the most widely used international classification for buildings and the data is extracted from the EDGE certification obtained for each corresponding prototype. This means that the data displayed on this label is internationally validated and supported by an acknowledged certificate.


100% of Vinte’s Prototypes are delivered with cost-saving additions. Each of these reduce water, electricity, or gas consumption, translating into economic savings for the owner, making our products more environmentally friendly.


The heater uses solar energy to boil water and can thus, comply with 90% of the household’s hot water requirements.


An insulating slab system present in all our prototypes, that offers thermal comfort and savings of up to 30% of electrical energy, complying with construction standards.


This technology works only with electric energy, it does not use any type of gas and is 55% more efficient, when heating, compared to gas.